Complete Vehicle Systems

We provide complete water-fed pole (WFP) window and solar panel cleaning systems for clients, including design, supply, and installation.


Our Pureglaze systems are customizable to meet your unique requirements but typically include a 500lt in-vehicle water tank and are set up run two water-fed poles simultaneously, allowing two operators to clean at the same time.

We can install the systems into a variety of vehicles, although the payload limit of each vehicle is the limiting factor. We can also provide a complete system in a custom-built trailer.

A typical system comprises a static pure water production unit, complete 2-line vehicle installation, metal hose reels, a 500lt baffled in-vehicle water tank, telescopic Water-Fed Poles, window squeegees, window mops, tele pole, and scrapers.

We also provide a hand-held digital TDS meter for water quality monitoring.

The poles included in the typical system reach up to a height of 3-storeys, but we also offer carbon-composite or full carbon fibre poles for higher buildings.

The systems come with a one-year warranty, and we carry a comprehensive range of critical spares in stock to support our products.

We offer hands-on training on the use and maintenance of all products purchased from us, both at our premises and hands-on in the field.

Delivery times vary between one and three weeks, depending on the final configuration of your chosen system.

Bring your vehicle to us and we will return it fully equipped and ready to go to work!

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